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Seven juniors turned out to fish the first match of  the season at the Westminster Pool in Ampthill Park. The sun was out and with the prospect of no rain and the lake being in top form the outlook was good for the competetors.

After the draw the lads ( where are all lasses ??) made their way to the respective pegs  in anticipation. All the lads apart form one chose to start on the float which turned out to be the best method on the day. First up was young Alfie Nicholls on peg 6 catching Rudd at distance steadily  for most of the match only swapping to the feeder now and then. Next to start catching was Ewan Bell on peg 1 , taking the first carp of the day at about 4 to 5lb . Next up was Jake Harrison on peg 4 he too found the carp taking a lovely 6lb common to start off his tally , next to him on peg 3 was Liam Bell at first starting off slow but during the match caught steadily amassing  a lovely bag of pristine Rudd.

Peg 2 saw Alfie Miller on probably the most fished peg on the lake, he chose to target the larger carp with the possibility of hooking one of the catfish that reside here, but this proved not to be the method on the day but if it had then he would have given everyone else a fright as one fish could have won today.

Peg 7 and 8 saw two new lads fishing their first match ,peg 7 was Daniel Lowe, who after a bit of guidance showed that he has the makings of a good angler and picked up the odd Rudd through out the 4hrs. Peg 9 saw the other new lad Arron Jones, he also showed plenty of maturity and started catching the odd small silver but then found himself battling with a PB bream wich tipped the scales at 4lb 11oz which is a fantastic fish by any ones standards.

So the match progressed and Ewan Bell seamed to have the golden peg as he landed two more carp and two Tench , also losing a large carp at the net possibly because yours truly was helping him to land it ( sorry Ewan ).

Back on peg 6 Alfie Nicholls was still catching constantly and chasing the £2 prize for the most fish caught on the day. Opposite him on peg 4  Jake Harrison also catching steadily then found another of the bream and found himself with a 5lb 4oz slab in the net.

So with 5 mins to go Daniel on peg 7 changed bait and put a smaller hook on tipped with maggot ,found himself in battle with a lovely ghost carp tipping the scales at 8lb 12oz and being the biggest fish of the match but next to him on peg 6 the smallest lad on the lake proved he is not to be messed with by connecting with his first carp which gave him a great fight and he found himself playing it after the whistle , but true to form he proved what a quality angler he is and put a 7lb 6oz common on the scales throwing the match results up in the air.

S0 weigh in found that top rod on the day was Ewan Bell amassing a total weight of 24lb 1oz , second and also winner of the £2 was Alfie Nicholls with 14lb 1oz.

Next up was Jake Harrison in 3rd   who plugged away all day proving his worth ,next up and in 4th and 5th were the two new lads with 9lb 4oz for Daniel Jones and 5lb 5oz for Aaron Lowe, a massive well done to both lads on their first match.

Bringing up the rear was Liam who chipped away all day at the Rudd for 4lb 9oz , and finding that tactics that would have worked any other day but not today was Alfie Miller, remember you have to be in it to win it so well done  turning up  Alfie.

Result :  1st    Ewan Bell                     24lb 1oz

2nd  Alfie Nicholls              14lb 1oz

3rd   Jake Harrison            12lb 20z

4th    Daniel Jones               9lb  4oz

5th  Aaron Lowe                   5lb 5oz

6th   Liam Bell                       4lb 9oz

7th   Alfie Miller                     DNW

Well done to all lads firstly for just turning up and for show some great angling skills today .

Next match is at the Ressi on the 16th July draw at 8.30 meet in carpark at 8am


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