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Ampthill Ressi 16th July

1st        Jake Harrison  52 lb 4 oz   ( approx. 40 carp )

2nd     Alfie Miller        37 lb 10 oz

3rd     Alfie Nicholls     28 lb 5 oz

4th     Liam Bell           19 lb 10 oz

5th     Ewan Bell           14 lb 5 oz

6th     Aaron Lowe       13 lb 3 oz

7th     David Jones       8 lb 7 oz

8th    Ollie Kozak         2 lb 1 oz

The first trip to Ampthill Reservoir for the lads on a very warm day and it looked as if it would be a good days fishing and as eight lads had turned out the competition looked good.

All the lads took to there respective pegs and the match got under way with regular Alfie Miller was first of the mark and this continued throughout the match and he showed that venue knowledge is key. Fishing the cattle drink he had the larger carp in his peg and put a massive haul in the net and 37lb 10oz on the scales so a great effort Alfie well done. All the other lads started catching as well and as the hours ticked by it was becoming obvious it would be a good weight to beat Alfie’s and that is what young Jake Harrison did. Going out on the method feeder and fishing to the lily  pad he fished to a tight spot and caught constantly all match now and again he dropped down the margin to his right to pick up the odd carp. Jake proved during the match that by constantly feeding the same spot and casting to the exact same spot the carp were stayed feeding and helped Jake produce a truly stunning weight of 52lb 4oz.

Ollie Kozak fished his first match and went out on the float for the whole match , and being on the side of the lake where the sun was its hottest he found that the carp were not playing ball  but he didn’t let that stop him and caught plenty of silver fish and at the end of the day if he had landed the odd carp he hooked he would have given the other lads a good fight.

Peg 8 and 9 saw David Jones and Ewan Bell, both found the going slow at first but after changing around with tactics they found the carp and at times were both playing carp at the same time. Ewan put a fantastic 14lb 5ozon the scales followed by Daniel , who probably had 7lb of his carp in the last hour after changing to the method feeder, and as this was the first time he had ever used this method he produced awesome weight of 8lb 7oz and if he had started on this method in the four hr match he would have challenged the 3rd place spot.

This spot was filled by a young angler who has a huge future in the match scene and if he continues to fish as he does will be challenging the adults before long. Alfie Nicholls again produced another huge weight of 28lb 5oz and when his landing net handle broke did what any good angler does , he made his dad get on all fours and land the fish with the net and 6 inchs of pole.( know your place Gary the Gillie)

Peg 11 found Aaron Lowe on only his second match and he was keen to show dad his skills, and after fishing the float for half the match he wanted to give the method feeder a go as Jake on the peg next to him had proved that the feeder was the way to go. So after a kind hearted soul lent him their feeder rod he cvast out and instantly  started catching carp just off the lilies and put a well earned 13lb 3oz in the bag , but one thing to remember Aaron is don’t let dad cast out for you if there is a lily pad around !!!!!!

Now to the Well peg and we found Liam Bell stuck out on his own and was the surprise of the day as he didn’t seem as though he was catching well and as he was fishing the method feeder with no groundbait he produced a huge 19lb 10oz on the scales which is truly amazing  so a massive well done Liam.

All in all it was a great days fishing and all the lads showed some brilliant  angling skills, something needed  though is make sure we all bring discorgers  ( I like the pink ones myself!!) and try to bring containers for groundbait to be mixed up in. Also try to get a tackle box for all your little bits of tackle so its not all over the place.  Think about what bait you will need for the next match too.

Well done all of you and on to the next match back at the Ressi on the 30th July but remember that it is float only so leave those feeder rods at home .

Tight Lines Martin



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